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Media Literacy – Teaching in a Digitally-Informed Class

Our children are even more connected to the world than we were growing up. Social media enables them to feel like they really know someone that they have never met, or to watch something innovative that other kids are doing across the world. Our children’s digital education starts at a young age as they learn to explore the world with a keyboard and a mouse. While you would think it’s a great thing that kids have instant access to all this great information online, it’s in fact quite scary when you consider what kind of information is really out there for them to interpret.

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Global Education: Fostering World Citizenship in the Classroom

What does it mean to teach global education and foster world citizenship in the classroom? Global education and fostering world citizenship means educating students through authentic and diverse activities and discussions about global issues and responsibilities. Teaching students about the world by exploring history, geography, and cultural anthropology is one thing. Helping students to understand […]

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Diversity Education: Creating a Discrimination-Free Classroom

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.“ Ola Joseph What is Diversity Education? Celebrating difference, honouring uniqueness, and teaching acceptance. Diversity education is about creating an environment where all bodies are respected and all perspectives are valued. Why should we teach diversity? While it’s easy to point our […]

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5 Easy Breakfasts for Busy Parents

As busy parents we need all the energy we can get, and sometimes that isn’t even enough to keep up with the kids. That’s why it’s so important to fuel ourselves, not only with the right foods but at the right times, so that we don’t burn out. We do our best parenting when our […]

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Wants vs. Needs: A New Mum’s Perspective

You would think that the difference between wants and needs would be ridiculously obvious. But in reality, most people these days live their lives without really differentiating between the two. We seem to feel like we need things that we really could easily live without: the internet, caffeine, our iPhones, a vacation. We live in […]

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From Asprirations to Achievement: How I had my best Academic year ever!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2019 is already here. The past year has been quite the adventure for our little family full of aspirations and achievements. There is one achievement that I am particularly proud of accomplishing this past semester.

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Keeping Up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old

This month Kendrick will be one and a half. He is loving small-town life and being so close (only a 5-minute walk) to his Grandpa’s house. He enjoys our new home and has been spending lots of time at the lake and watching the trains (he can even say “train” now…well sort of). He is […]

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