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A (Summer) Day in the Life of Mrs. Mum

A Day in the Life of a Toddler Mom

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Now that we are well into summer, a day in the life of Mrs. Mum has changed (yet again). I am so lucky to be a part-time, stay-at-home mom (now that’s a mouthful!) While I’m still in university I get to spend 4 months of the year (May-August) at home with K. And once I finish I will still get to spend two of those months at home with him every year. That’s one of the many perks to being a teacher and a parent!

During the warmer months, now that I’m not commuting into the city five days a week for classes, life is a little slower and a lot less structured. However, K and I do still keep somewhat of a routine. Today, I want to share with you what a typical summer day looks like for me and my son.

A Summer Day in the Life of Mrs Mum |

A Typical Summer Day in the Life of Mrs. Mum:

Our Morning:

7-8am: K wakes up and comes to my bed for hugs and kisses (my FAVOURITE part of the day). We go out to the living room, turn on cartoons (Paw Patrol or Word Party are his morning favourites lately), and I make coffee. Then we get a fresh diaper, a cup of water, and a piece of fruit to snack on while I get breakfast going.

(Coffee #1)

8-9am: While I’m making breakfast and tidying any leftover dishes from the night before, K is usually good to keep himself occupied with his cars and trains. As soon as breakfast is ready I pop him into his high chair (which he is almost too big for) and he feeds himself. I typically serve him 1-2 servings of protein, either meat or yogurt/cottage cheese. He also has a serving of starch (cereal, toast, or a hash brown) and another serving of fruit (usually berries). And don’t forget the milk!

9-10am: After breakfast we get cleaned up, brush and floss our teeth, and I get K dressed for the day. After he’s eaten he usually lets me jump into the shower quickly. I leave the door open so that I can hear him if he gets into any mischief. Then once I’m dressed and ready I decided what to do with our day.

Mrs Mum: dressed and ready for a summer day.

(Coffee #2 – a.k.a coffee #1 + ice )

I’m a list-maker, so I like to make lists of all the things that I want to get done and I highlight or star the things that I absolutely must do. The rest usually gets put onto a new list a few times again until I get around to it. If I stop putting it on the list though it probably won’t ever get done.

Did you know? Your teachers weren’t lying when they said that you will remember things better if you write them down. Remember even more by using pen and paper instead of a keyboard.

Interested in teaching? Check out my post “Why I Choose to Teach” HERE!

I also use an agenda to keep track of any important dates, goals, and just generally outline what my weeks are going to look like. I add in all the smaller details as I go, like playdates, daily to-dos, and other miscellaneous junk I want to get accomplished.

10-11am: During this chunk of our morning K will usually play independently while I do laundry or other chores. I try and wash at least one load of laundry every day to keep on top of things. This way no one ever completely runs out of something during the week (yet somehow it still manages to happen…) Depending on which chores I am doing, K sometimes will help. He has his own little broom and dustpan and loves to wash the walls with me.

11am: Snack time for both of us! K’s favourites lately are dried cranberries, cheese sticks, rolled up slices of ham, or a yogurt drink if he hasn’t already had one with breakfast. If he’s been really good he will get some of his favourite fruit snacks or some other packaged food. These are the things that I don’t always like to give to him but are more of a treat for days when he is cooperative and uses his manners.

Did you know? Canada has a NEW healthy food guide! Check it out at

Our Afternoon:

11:30-12pm: Depending on the day, K will either nap before or after lunch. There is no way to tell until you try and put him down. For lunch, K’s preferred summer meals are sandwiches (he loves them on mini buns), macaroni and cheese, or a mini kid’s charcuterie board with meats, cheese, pickles, and crackers. Of course, every lunch includes at least one veggie, and his first pick right now is cucumbers with hummus.

(More coffee – if there is any left)

12-1pm: Playtime! I like to bring K’s toy’s into the living room and play with him. We will put together his wooden train tracks, line up his cars, or read books to his stuffed animals. His vocabulary is expanding at an alarming rate so I try and talk to him as much as I can, asking him guided questions about the things around him. We talk about his friends, his feelings, and his favourite numbers, colours, and animals. After we are finished playing with his toys K will help me to put everything back into bins and carry them to his bedroom. I’ve been so impressed lately with how helpful he is becoming around the house.

1-2pm: If K hasn’t already napped, this is when he normally (hopefully) will start winding down. He chooses one or two book and we read in his bed. He has finally started sleeping in his own bed for both naps and bedtime, instead of insisting on sleeping on the couch (pretty much since we moved into our new home a year ago). It might have taken him longer than we planned to have him sleeping in the super sweet big boy room we made him, but at least he is loving it now!

While K is napping I like to spend some time going over my lists and prioritizing the rest of my day. Then I make sure the laundry is all folded and put away and I sit down and focus on my creative business.

I write for the blog or my Instagram, design for myself and my super awesome new clients (stay tuned for some fun creative services that I will be offering up soon at or I’m on Pinterest looking for inspiration and supporting my fellow boss babes online.

Life as Mrs Mum |

As a mom, it’s not always easy to make time for the things that you used to enjoy before kids. And this can be detrimental for our self-esteem and our mental health.

Did you know? Approximately 1 in 13 Canadian moms report feelings of postpartum depression. And this number only represents the women who had the courage to admit it.

This is one of the reasons why I started this blog and my little side hustle online. It helped me to rekindle my creative flame while still having time to spend with my son and husband. I’ve been able to contribute to our family by staying home, in more that one way. #momwin!

2-5pm: Outdoor play! We have some great neighbours whose kids are all around K’s age. The pool gets filled, the dump trucks and basketball hoop comes out, and it’s time to have fun with friends. We snack on watermelon and jell-o and sometimes freezies if the kids are lucky. If we aren’t playing with the neighbours, we sometimes walk to Grandpa’s house and play in his back yard, or go for a drive into town to shop.

Summer Days with Mrs Mum - Playing in the spray park at Little Shuswap Lake
My husband and our neighbour playing with the kids at the local water park.

If it’s a day that my husband is home we like to hop in the truck and go on mini adventures. Living in a small town, there are so many beautiful places to explore that are close to home.

Father and son walking in the rain on a summer day | Life as Mrs Mum

Did you know? BC has more than 20,000 lakes and nearly 700 provincial parks. How many have you visited?

Our Evening:

5-7pm: Supper time! Either my husband or I will start to get things started for supper. We try and barbeque as much as possible during the summer. Steak, chicken, burgers, you name it! Our family loves meat and we like to keep it pretty simple. Seasoned, not sauced, and served with fresh seasonal veggies. We have so many local favourites like asparagus and corn. And letting K try so many different foods when he was little has really opened him up to liking almost anything we feed him (although he will first tell you everything is ‘too spicy’ before trying it).

7-8pm: Playtime with Dad! While I tidy up from supper K gets to spend some special time bonding with his dad. They like to talk about baseball, read books, and be generally silly on the couch. I love listening to them laughing and giggling away while I’m in the kitchen. I am dreading the day when my son is too cool to play with his parents and wants nothing to do with our silly little games. If only they could stay young forever…

Toddler brushing teeth

8-8:30pm: Time for K to clean up his toys, put on pyjamas, brush his teeth, and get ready for bed. Either my husband or I help him while the other feeds the dog and takes her for a walk. Then it’s time to go to sleep. Like I said earlier, K has just finally started sleeping in his big boy bed, and my incredible husband was the one who finally transitioned him in. He stayed with K and was able to convince him that it wasn’t scary and that his special big boy bed was much more comfortable than the couch. We leave his night light on, read him a book, and he has been pretty good at falling asleep on his own.

Toddler sleeping in bed

After K is asleep my husband and I will tidy up the rest of the house, double check that any laundry we need clean for the next day is ready, and then we either watch something funny together, or do our own thing on our phones or computer.

I don’t often have large chunks of time to myself during the day so it’s hard to reply to emails, make phone calls, and catch up on the things that take more than 50% of my attention. Keeping track of a busy toddler is both mentally and physically exhausting!

However, like I always say: I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. Every sleepless night and coffee-reliant day that I have is worth it just to see a smile on my sons face when he comes in every morning.

Mrs Mum Signature

Does your day look similar to mine, or is yours totally different? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what #toddlermomlife looks like for you.

Happy Summer

A summer day in the life of mrs mum |
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