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To My Husband:

Dear husband,

It’s our wedding night and I can’t drink. We just announced to our family that we would soon become a family of three. You didn’t really drink either, just one or two early on. You took care of my friends who had drank too much, made sure everyone got home safely, and took me to McDonalds since I didn’t have much time to eat (or much room left in my dress). You made my night perfect. I’m so glad I married you.

Blissful bride - Lifeasmrsmum.comIt’s your first day off work in a week and a half and you have been working doubles to pay the bills. You spent the day driving me around town, running errands, and shopping for the week even though you would rather be relaxing and watching the Blue Jays game. Thank you for making sure we have everything we need. I appreciate you.

We are at the hospital and our son was born this morning. I am so tired, and so are you. I was so scared. Things didn’t go how I thought they would. You kept me calm. You held my hand. You cheered me on. I don’t know how I would have done it without you. I know you are proud of me, but I am proud of you too.

Father and Newborn Son -

Today is your birthday and you chose to work. We aren’t doing anything special because our wedding anniversary was 3 days ago and you spoiled me with a fancy dinner and gifts, even though we said we wouldn’t. Thank you for putting my happiness before your own.

Wedding bliss -

It’s Sunday morning and our son won’t go back to sleep. Why can’t I get him to go back to bed? I’ve tried everything and nothing is calming him. I’ve been up with him since before 4am. I am so tired. Thank you for taking over and letting me go back to bed until you have to leave for work. I really needed the sleep. 

I try really hard every day to keep the house clean and organized so that when you get home from work we can spend time as a family, but it’s tough to do when I’m trying to watch a our son who loves getting underfoot. Thank you for taking him grocery shopping last week so I could just clean. You really helped me out.

Keeping up with Kendrick -

It’s Saturday night and you actually have the weekend off. I don’t remember the last time that you didn’t work on a Saturday, can you? You are out at the pub having beers and wings with the guys. You come home later than you said you would. Did you have a good time? You deserved it, and I know your friend needed you. It makes me happy to see you taking care of yourself too.

Happy husband - Lifeasmrsmum.comI’m sorry I drive you crazy sometimes. I’m sorry that I can be short with you when I’ve had a long day at home with our son; I know you had a long day at work too. Thank you for trying to make our lives better. Thank you for always putting your family before yourself. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for helping me be a better Mum.

You are an amazing husband, you are an incredible father, and I am so glad I married you!


Your wife


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11 thoughts on “To My Husband:

  1. That is an incredible story, you are both fantastic people and I am very proud of you both. Kendrick us very lucky to have such loving parents.

  2. Such a sweet and thoughtful post. Hopefully your son will be able to read it one day and know how much his parents love each other.

  3. This is such a great post! I try to send notes in my husband’s bag when he has to go on storm to let him know I REALLY appreciate him! You rock too momma…

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