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I know you haven’t heard from me in a while and you are probably all wondering how my lemonade is coming along…well its delicious! Last week I turned 30! And while for most twenty somethings it can be one of the most depressing birthdays, for me it was the most exciting yet. In honour of my 30 amazing years I put together a list (in chronological order) of the 30 things that I am the most proud of doing by my 30th birthday.

(P.S. #30 is what I spent my birthday doing)

  1. Kept in touch with my best friend since I was 2 (Love you Jennean xo)
  2. Made the front page of the newspaper
  3. Took a hot air balloon ride
  4. Sang our national anthem in front of a large crowd
  5. Moved to somewhere I had never been before
  6. Graduated high school (against all odds)
  7. Helped a friend flee from severe domestic violence
  8. Fled from domestic violence
  9. Flew in a plane
  10. Went for a ride on a Harley (Pops’)
  11. Learned how to safely handle a gun and owned one until I had my son. (Here in Canada this requires passing a practical and written exam and a thorough background check to become licensed to purchase or own ANY firearm)
  12. Became an organ donor
  13. Camped under the stars – in the forest and on the beach – no tent!
  14. Lived on my own
  15. Got tattooed (7 times)
  16. Quit a job I didn’t love (twice)
  17. Donated blood
  18. Fell in love
  19. Moved back to the neighbourhood I grew up in
  20. Went to a real rock concert (Roger Waters)
  21. Watched 2 of my best friends get married
  22. Became a Brownie leader
  23. Raised a puppy
  24. Got married
  25. Presented a paper at a University Research Conference
  26. Graduated with my Bachelors Degree
  27. Had a baby
  28. Published an article that has been read in over 30 countries
  29. Made macarons from scratch (thanks Alicja)
  30. Bought our first home!!!

Thats right! We finally found a place to call home!! For real this time. We don’t have to worry about landlords or repairs not being done. We are officially homeowners! And it wouldn’t have been possible without my hard-working husband and our incredible family who helped us Chase our dreams to a small town outside of the city (population less than 2500) where we can raise our beautiful little family.


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