The Morning (or afternoon) After…

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As I sit here on my living room floor writing this blog post my husband is napping upstairs, my toddler and dog are napping on the couch, my cat is napping on the chair, and this has left me, Mum, nowhere to nap. So instead I am sitting here on the floor with a glass of leftover rosé and my MacBook. But I wish I was napping like the rest of my family…


Last night we hosted our first get together as parents. Just a handful of close friends and coworkers and some burgers on the BBQ. It was a hit! Kendrick was well behaved. Food, drinks, and conversation flowed, and a good time was had by all. Everyone was gone by nine but we still didn’t end up in bed until close to eleven. I am so glad Kendrick slept through the night but 6:30am (when he woke up) definitely came too soon.


Life is definitely different when you are a parent. Parties, although still fun, run a little differently from when I was in my 20s. In four months I will be turning 30 and it is really beginning to feel that way. Gone are the days of calling in sick from partying too late the night before. You can’t call in sick when your baby wakes up in the morning. You can’t order a 1-year old pizza and hope he wants to sit with you on the couch the whole day and do nothing. Nope, you have to get off your ass and be an adult.


It is tough knowing that I know longer have the choice of when I get to sleep, at least for the time being. Its hard have to remember not only to feed yourself, but a tiny other person as well (and a cat and dog and sometimes husband too!) Its challenging to keep a clean house while tiny creatures mess is up right away. But I love it and I am so grateful for my family, even if they all get to nap and I don’t.



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