• Keeping Up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old
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    Keeping Up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old

    Keeping Up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old This month Kendrick will be one and a half. He is loving small-town life and being so close (only a 5-minute walk) to his Grandpa’s house. He enjoys our new home and has been spending lots of time at the lake and watching the trains (he can even say “train” now…well sort of). He is growing at an alarming rate and will be wearing 3T clothing very soon! He is going to be as tall as the trees, just like Daddy! Also, we have some news to share with you about Kendrick’s birthmark. Read more about Kendricks birthmark in my post: “Please, Stop Asking Me…

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    Wants vs. Needs: A New Mum’s Perspective

    You would think that the difference between wants and needs would be ridiculously obvious. But in reality, most people these days live their lives without really differentiating between the two. We seem to feel like we need things that we really could easily live without: the internet, caffeine, our iPhones, a vacation. We live in a world where consumerism is inescapable. It is impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing a logo, an advertisement, hearing about a promotion, the latest tech, fashion trend, celebrity gossip. It’s on the television, on our phones, in our ears, on our clothes, and in our food; we can’t avoid it. When I became…

  • Please, Stop Asking Me What's Wrong With My Son - My son Kendrick was born with a strawberry birthmark on his ear. - Life as Mrs Mum

    Please, Stop Asking Me What’s Wrong with My Son

    By Mrs. Mel Telford My son Kendrick was born on February 23, 2017 at 6:37am. He was 7 lbs, 2 oz, and 19.75 inches long. He started breastfeeding right away without any troubles. He is a good sleeper, he is strong, he hits every milestone early, and he has been an amazing little boy. There is nothing wrong with him!   When Kendrick turned one month old I noticed a red speckle on his ear. Just like any smart Mum would, I didn’t hop on Google! I waited until his one-month check-up and I asked his nurse about his ear. The nurse confirmed our suspicions and assured us that it…