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Keeping Up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old

This month Kendrick will be one and a half. He is loving small town life and being so close (only a 5 minute walk) to his Grandpa’s house. He enjoys our new home and has been spending lots of time at the lake and watching the trains (he can even say “train” now…well sort of).

Keeping up with Kendrick - Lifeasmrsmum.comLittle Shuswap Lake - Life as Mrs Mum18 Months Old - Keeping up with Kendrick - Lifeasmrsmum.comKeeping up with Kendrick -

He is growing at an alarming rate and will be wearing 3T clothing very soon! He is going to be as tall as the trees, just like Daddy! We have also have some news to share with you about Kendrick’s birthmark. Well…

Keeping up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old -

It’s beginning to fade away! Since the spring the strawberry birthmark that has taken up half of his ear for the past year has stopped growing and has slowly started to disappear. Which brings me to a very important topic: the importance of always getting a second opinion when it comes to any serious medical treatment or procedures. 

Since his birthmark first appeared Kendrick has been seen by 4 different doctors, one of which wanted to refer us to a plastic surgeon immediately. This really threw us for a loop since every other doctor, nurse, paediatrician, or specialist that he has seen about his birthmark has seen no risks or reasons to prescribe any sort of treatment for it, at all. What if this doctor was the first that had seen him when he was still just an infant and we had gone ahead with his recommendation? Plastic surgery is a serious thing even when you are an adult. But for a baby? Thats a whole different level of complicated.

When it comes to your children’s health, especially when something as serious as surgery is suggested, it is ALWAYS okay to seek a second, or even third, or fourth opinion before choosing the best course of action (or in our case, inaction). Not every doctor has the same training, experience, or beliefs that you do when it comes to medicine. If something doesn’t sound right, ask someone else!

I knew in my heart that there is nothing wrong with my son and that we made the right choice by being cautious, and asking more questions before making a life changing decision like surgery for him. If his birthmark is still around when he is all grown up and old enough to make the decision for himself to get it removed, that will be his choice. But for now I will continue to teach him to be kind and love people despite their differences.

Although Kendrick’s ear has stopped growing, his personality keeps getting bigger! Isn’t he handsome??

18 Months Old - Keeping up with Kendrick -

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Keeping up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old - Life as Mrs Mum



6 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Kendrick: 18 Months Old

  1. He is an incredibly handsome little man. My heart fills with ove every time I see pictures of him.
    Hoping to see him in person very soon.

  2. Awwww what a cutie. Happy 18 months baby. You are sure a handsome young boy with an amazing mom.

  3. My first daughter had two wine birthmarks and one is completly gone. The other is still there but seems to be going away now and she is 4.

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