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    Why I Choose to Teach

    Okay, I totally get it that teaching is definitely not for everyone. But can't that be said about pretty much any profession? I just don't understand why people are always so shocked when they hear that someone is, or wants to be, a teacher.

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    7 Relatable and Inspiring Quotes about Motherhood

    7 Relatable and Inspiring Quotes about Motherhood If you’re new to the game (because motherhood is totally challenging — but still incredibly fun) then welcome to the hood! If you’ve been around the block a time or two then welcome back. Raising little humans isn’t easy, and often we feel that we are alone on this journey, especially when we are at our worst. These Mums have just the right words for the experiences that you and I have -or will- face at some point along our paths as mothers. Here are my favourite relatable and inspiring quotes about motherhood that really helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in…

  • Media Literacy: Teaching in a Digitally-Informed Classroom by Mel Telford
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    Media Literacy: Teaching in a Digitally-Informed Class

    Our children are even more connected to the world than we were growing up. Social media enables them to feel like they really know someone that they have never met, or to watch something innovative that other kids are doing across the world. Our children's digital education starts at a young age as they learn to explore the world with a keyboard and a mouse. While you would think it's a great thing that kids have instant access to all this great information online, it's in fact quite scary when you consider what kind of information is really out there for them to interpret.

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    Global Education: Fostering World Citizenship in the Classroom

    Global Education: Fostering World Citizenship in the Classroom Global education and fostering world citizenship means educating students through authentic and diverse activities and discussions about global issues and responsibilities. Teaching students about the world by exploring history, geography, and cultural anthropology is one thing. Helping students to understand how these things affect each of us takes their classroom learning to a deeper level. Furthermore, William Wolansky suggests there be a “structure for multidisciplinary delivery of learning experiences which yield a global perspective and a sense of global responsibility” integrated into the curriculum. As teachers, we should strive to inspire social responsibility and world citizenship by integrating global issues, ideas, and…

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    Diversity Education: Creating a Discrimination-Free Classroom

    What is Diversity Education? “Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.“ Ola Joseph Celebrating difference, honouring uniqueness, and teaching acceptance. Diversity education is about creating an environment where all bodies are respected and all perspectives are valued. Why should we teach diversity? While it’s easy to point our finger at a certain president south of the border discriminating and creating an atmosphere of unacceptance, there are in fact still many places here in Canada where dominant groups of people are unaccepting of difference, especially based on race, religion, and sexual orientation/identity. Discrimination occurs between individuals as well as groups of people and creates…

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    5 Easy Breakfasts for Busy Parents

    As busy parents we need all the energy we can get, and sometimes that isn’t even enough to keep up with the kids. That’s why it’s so important to fuel ourselves, not only with the right foods but at the right times, so that we don’t burn out. We do our best parenting when our minds and our bodies are able to fully engage in the activity at hand. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Mum-shift starts the moment I wake up and doesn’t end until the moment I go to sleep (and sometimes not even then). Breakfast can help us to achieve this. So…

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    Wants vs. Needs: A New Mum’s Perspective

    You would think that the difference between wants and needs would be ridiculously obvious. But in reality, most people these days live their lives without really differentiating between the two. We seem to feel like we need things that we really could easily live without: the internet, caffeine, our iPhones, a vacation. We live in a world where consumerism is inescapable. It is impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing a logo, an advertisement, hearing about a promotion, the latest tech, fashion trend, celebrity gossip. It’s on the television, on our phones, in our ears, on our clothes, and in our food; we can’t avoid it. When I became…

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    Oh, How I Miss the City!

      My husband (new fiancé at the time) and I traded in the big city nearly five years ago and moved to the Southern Interior of British Columbia for a change of scenery and for me to continue my studies towards becoming a teacher. Our life in Vancouver had gotten stale, we were losing our motivation, and we desperately needed a fresh start together, on our own, away from our family and friends.   This move turned out to be the best decision we would ever make, and I don’t regret it one bit! Duncan has found himself a career, I completed my first Bachelors Degree, we got married, got…

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    The Morning (or afternoon) After…

    As I sit here on my living room floor writing this blog post my husband is napping upstairs, my toddler and dog are napping on the couch, my cat is napping on the chair, and this has left me, Mum, nowhere to nap. So instead I am sitting here on the floor with a glass of leftover rosé and my MacBook. But I wish I was napping like the rest of my family… Last night we hosted our first get together as parents. Just a handful of close friends and coworkers and some burgers on the BBQ. It was a hit! Kendrick was well behaved. Food, drinks, and conversation flowed,…

  • Please, Stop Asking Me What's Wrong With My Son - My son Kendrick was born with a strawberry birthmark on his ear. - Life as Mrs Mum

    Please, Stop Asking Me What’s Wrong with My Son

    By Mrs. Mel Telford My son Kendrick was born on February 23, 2017 at 6:37am. He was 7 lbs, 2 oz, and 19.75 inches long. He started breastfeeding right away without any troubles. He is a good sleeper, he is strong, he hits every milestone early, and he has been an amazing little boy. There is nothing wrong with him!   When Kendrick turned one month old I noticed a red speckle on his ear. Just like any smart Mum would, I didn’t hop on Google! I waited until his one-month check-up and I asked his nurse about his ear. The nurse confirmed our suspicions and assured us that it…

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    10 Things I’ve Learned About Being a Mum

    This is what I have learned during my first year as a Mum: Nothing ever goes according to plan. No matter how much time you take making a schedule, preparing the night before, delegating tasks, and making sure you have everything you will need for whatever it is you are trying to do, the chances are you are still going to forget something, lose something, run into traffic, car troubles, a lost soother or favourite teether, run out of milk (or worse, diapers), and that is okay! In the beginning these things might seem like huge obstacles but after a while you accept the fact that these things happen and that…